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Active threat situations involve the use of firearms or other weapons to target as many victims are possible, with no pattern or method to the selection of victims. These situations are unpredictable and evolve very quickly. Each active threat scenario is different, and it’s up to the individual to determine their best option based on their specific situation.

In the event of an active threat, choose the best course of action and act immediately.

  • AVOID. Pay attention to your surroundings and have an exit plan. Get as much distance and as many barriers between you and the threat as quickly as possible.
  • DENY. When avoiding is difficult or impossible, deny the threat access to you and your space. Lockdown by creating barriers, turning the lights off and remaining quiet and out of sight. Make sure your cell phone is silenced, but do not turn it off.
  • DEFEND. When you are unable to put distance between yourself and the threat, be prepared to protect yourself. Commit to your actions, be aggressive and do not fight fairly. Do whatever it takes to survive.

When Law Enforcement Arrives:

  • Law enforcement is trained to eliminate the threat as quickly as possible
  • DO NOT run at the responding officers or attempt to hold on to them for safety
  • Follow all instructions provided by law enforcement
  • Avoid quick movements and keep hands visible at all times