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An evacuation is the dispersal of people from a dangerous or potentially dangerous area. Properly preparing for an evacuation includes identifying and designating evacuation points and a primary and alternate location to reunite. Each department should designate a coordinator to account for all persons upon reunification.

  • Cease all activities and leave building or area immediately
  • Shut off laboratory equipment and other hazardous processes
  • Follow exit signs to the nearest safe exit and notify others on your way out
  • Help those who require assistance to evacuate safely
  • Ensure visitors follow evacuation procedures
  • Move away from the building (at least 200 ft) and proceed to designated evacuation assembly area
  • Notify UCF Police or fire department personnel if anyone is waiting for assistance or missing from the evacuated building or area
  • DO NOT:
    • DO NOT re-enter the building or area until an “all clear” is received via UCF Alert or authorized by UCF Police or fire department personnel
    • DO NOT use the elevators unless authorized by UCF Police or fire department personnel
  • If you are required to evacuate the building or area but are unable to do so:
    • Go to the nearest area where there are no hazards, such as a stairwell
    • Call 911 and inform them of your specific location
    • Remain calm, emergency personnel will arrive