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Access Control


The University of Central Florida Department of Security is responsible for managing the electronic access control system. Access control provides convenient card access to many buildings and rooms, and its use is expected to increase across campus as buildings are constructed, renovated, and upgraded. While the Department of Security administers the overall system, designated faculty and staff manage the day-to-day operations of access control, such as granting and revoking access, within their respective Divisions, Colleges, and Departments.


Access control provides several main benefits, including the ability to:

  • Provide electronic access to buildings and rooms using the UCF ID card
  • Automatically lock and unlock doors on a specified schedule
  • Easily control when and where individuals have access
  • Remove access to buildings and rooms as soon as an employee no longer requires it
  • Quickly lock down buildings and rooms in the event of an incident on campus

Card Readers

The campus standard card reader includes the ability to read a card with contactless technology or a magnetic stripe, and also supports PIN entry. When a designated electronic access control operator within your Division, College, or Department grants card access, he or she will indicate whether it is necessary to present a card or present a card and enter a PIN. Faculty, staff, and students experiencing a problem with a card reader should first contact the appropriate electronic access control operator in their area.

Requesting Access

Authorized University personnel who need to become an electronic access control operator for their Division, College, or Department can request access by clicking the link below. All requests will be verified before access is granted. Access requests can take up to one week to process.

Helpful Links


  • Department of Security: (407) 882-7111
  • UCF Card Services: (407) 823-2100
  • UCF Police Department: (407) 823-5555