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The Department of Emergency Management engages in a combination of capabilities-based, function-based, and scenario-based planning with the UCF community to define the scope of prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery from all-hazards.

The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) assigns responsibility to organizations and individuals for carrying out specific actions during an incident and is flexible enough for use in all emergencies. Additionally, the CEMP sets forth lines of authority, outlines how response activities will be coordinated, describes how people with access and functional needs are protected, and identifies personnel, equipment, and facilities within the jurisdiction. Hazard-specific and functional annexes describe the framework through which UCF coordinates and executes common emergency management strategies.

Emergency management planning also includes several other types of plans:

  • Regional campus plans
  • Building emergency action plans
  • Continuity plans
  • Lockdown and shelter-in-place plans
  • COOP plan
  • Strategic plan

For any questions about these plans, please email or call 407-882-7111.